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Natural types of sugar
Angie Moore
Written by Angie Moore

The Military Diet limits the number of daily calories you take in and this greatly affects people that have a “sweet tooth” as processed sugar and sweeteners are not an option with this diet.

Artificial Sweeteners

That’s why, finding the best alternative sweetener has become a part of their mission.

Man made sweets

Artificial sweeteners are a big no for most diets out there. Studies have been conducted regarding these types of sweeteners and a link was discovered between these sugars and illnesses like diabetes, palpitations, headaches, even panic attacks.


Sweeteners like these don’t get digested immediately and they eventually become stored as fat which really invalidates the reason to use them.

Natural sweetener for the military diet

However, there are natural sweeteners that are low in calories and can fit in this diet. Unfortunately, refined and brown sugars are not recommended as they are processed.

The natural sweeteners only go through the packaging processes and they retain their nutrients as compared to heavily processed sugars.


Stevia has been around for some time and it is an herb grown in South America. According to specialist, it has zero calories and zero carbohydrates making it ideal for a low calorie diet. It is much sweeter than sugar but it can be quite expensive given that it only grows in certain climates.  However, the price is off-set by the amount needed to sweeten food; a little amount goes a long way.


Stevia leaves are dried and powdered so you can easily add them in coffee or tea.

Even though, stevia is one of the most recommended sweeteners, there are a few other alternative to mention.

Ground Cinnamon and Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon is mostly used as a sweetener in culinary courses but you can also use these too to sweeten your tea or coffee. Steep your tea with a piece or two of cinnamon bark and take it out once the tea is done. Also, you can mix ground cinnamon with the coffee before pouring hot water and then stirring.

Ground Cinnamon

Keep in mind that cinnamon doesn’t have the expected sweetness of sugar and stevia. It can actually be described as mildly sweet, and too much cinnamon can actually be harmful to your health.


Muscovado sugar is what table sugar looks like before it goes through an extensive refining process.


Some say that it is healthier than table sugar with fewer calories but some experts disagree and note that Muscovado may be more organic than table sugar but the calories and nutrients are the same.

Honey or maple syrup

Honey and maple syrup can be both naturally sweet sources and there are many available products that are proudly organic. Natural honey and maple syrup are both rich in anti-oxidants but they also have a higher calorie count.

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Experts on the diet note that these two are the best alternative sweeteners during the 4 days off of the diet.

Maple syrup

In the end, it’s important to note that sweeteners don’t have to go away completely from your diet. You just need to know the healthier alternative. It may take some time to get used to them but in the end, natural sweeteners can give you a better and healthier body.

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