Military Diet Success Stories from People Who Achieved Results

Military diet success
Angie Moore
Written by Angie Moore

Before we jump to military diet success stories, let’s make a short summary of the diet. This way, even if you don’t actually know how this diet works, you’ll get to understand these people’s experiences a lot better.

First, you should know that, in the military diet, you have a list of specific portions of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating like this should help you burn fat and lose about 10 pounds in the first week. Of course, the result depends on each person’s metabolism and the type of diets you had before starting this one. The best part about this diet is that you can repeat it if you didn’t have that much of a success the first time.

So, what I am saying is that the diet works differently for each of us. Here’s an example that should be a bit clearer: there are people who have tried this diet with a friend and while the first person lost 3 pounds, the second person lost 6 pounds from the first try. The weight loss depends on how their metabolism reacted to the diet and how much fat did they have to burn. If you already have a good diet and you are making exercise then you don’t have that much fat to shed.

Also, once you finished these 3 days you can’t just stuff yourself with burgers or whatever fast-food you like. You have to continue the regimen with a healthier diet where you can eat almost everything, but with caution.

Military diet weight loss

Even more, people who went through this diet mentioned that, after they finished it, they didn’t eat as much as before. Actually, the other purpose of this diet is to teach you how to eat in your day-to-day life. It is very important to have 3 meals a day and reduce snacks between meals.

Top 6 success stories you want to read

Now that we know what the military diet is, I bet that lots of you out there are wondering if it really works. And you are right asking this question because there are a lot of other diets that make you starve to death without bringing any healthy results. You can also read the pros and cons of the military diet to give you more ideas.

Well then, here are 6 stories from 6 people who have tried the 3 days military diet and now they tell us about their experience and results.

Story number 1

The first story comes from Mary. She had a week until her wedding and serious problems with her back so she couldn’t do any exercise. Mary asked her friends about it and they told her about the 3 days military diet in which you can lose up to 10 pounds. She wasn’t very confident at first because of …ice cream… but then she thought what’s there to lose so she gave it a try.

The first day was ok even if she wasn’t used to limiting her servings to only 3 meals a day without any snacks in between. She knew that it has to be done because the wedding was coming so you can say that she had the proper motivation.

The second day was a little tough because she started to feel a little bit hungry. However, she mentioned that the ice cream she ate at dinner helped her very much. It actually tricked the brain into being satisfied and she could go to sleep without problems.

Lose weight in 3 days

The third day however was one of the toughest because you start thinking about those delicious burgers you just ate last week. It’s more like being on withdraw from fast-food, the body starts to notice that you’re not eating like you used to. But again, at dinner she had ice cream and she felt rewarded for all she had to endure in that day and went to sleep satisfied.

When all this was finished she weighed in and she lost 5.6 pounds. It wasn’t 10 pounds but she was very happy with what she accomplished. It was a palpable result and she said that she will try it again and will be more careful with what she will be eating from now on.

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Mary didn’t believe that the diet would work on her at first but she was very happy that it wasn’t a diet on which you have to feel hungry all the time and that you are being rewarded with ice cream, her favorite thing.

Story number 2

The second story comes from Renee who is a mother with 2 children. After the first child birth her weight was 241 pounds and after the second birth she gained double in weight. She wasn’t that worried as she thought she was going to lose it without problems. It’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy, right?

After six weeks she was down to 215 pounds and she knew that something must be done because she couldn’t use the “gaining weight because of the pregnancy” excuse anymore.

But the time passed and Renee started eating more and more. She was also eating cookies in between meals and got very lazy. All this went o until one day when she decided to check out some old pictures and saw a photo of herself when she was really skinny. She couldn’t believe her eyes and the difference between then and now hit her hard. From that point she knew that a change must be done.

She started looking for into ways to lose weight and she discovered the 3 days military diet. She obviously said that it wouldn’t work but because it was only for 3 days she thought of giving it a try as nothing wrong could happen.

Military diet

Those 3 days were very hard for her because the change is pretty drastic. I mean, before she would eat everything she wanted and in very large portions and know she felt very hungry. But she followed the diet, and after 3 days, when she weighed in, she couldn’t believe the result: from 215 pounds she had before, the scale showed 205. She was ecstatic when she realized the diet worked and that she actually managed to lose 10 pounds.

15 weeks later, after Renee tried the diet a couple of times more, she reached her goal of losing 45 pounds and is extremely satisfied. She threw her old, big clothes and now is wearing all the clothes she put aside because they wouldn’t fit her anymore.

Well this is quite a story to tell. From this we learn that if we don’t give up we will definitely see the results we want to see.

Story number 3

Another story comes from Becca who, at 32 years old, had 332 pounds. She knew that her life was on the verge of despair if she continued like this so she started doing some exercise and even participating in marathons.

Despite her weight she was an active person and she really started to like running marathons. Running made her feel better, more confident in herself and she started eating less than before. With this she lost 20 pounds but after a while the scale stopped going down and even if she was running more than before the scale wouldn’t budge.

Becca decided she had to become more serious about losing weight so she looked up online for some diets. The one that caught her attention the most was the military diet – not because she liked the process, but because it kept going for just 3 days. Losing 10 pounds in such a short amount of time, when she only lost 20 pounds in 3 months with a lot of work, was something very interesting.

On the weight

So she decided to give it a try. It wasn’t very hard for her because she already had given up on eating too much food (in comparison to what she was eating before) and the fact that she could eat ice cream was her favorite thing in all this.

After the 3 days of diet, she was very happy to find out that she lost 10 pounds and she didn’t stop there. She ate healthy food and then she tried the military diet again and didn’t stop running. After 2 months she was very proud of herself because she managed to lose 67 pounds!

Now she is living a healthy life, she goes to almost every marathon and she keeps on burning that fat.

Story number 4

Lisa told her story too. She is working as a receptionist and in the same building there is a health care clinic. That reminds her every single day that she has to take care of her health and her body.

But because of her complicated program she stopped eating healthy food, she had some snacks now and then and remained with these bad habits. Those habits were even worse when she has to travel for work. This completely ruined her nice shape and the health wasn’t very good. Because she didn’t have time to cook any meals she fell into the trap of fast food and we all know how hard is to get out from this trap.

After days past she said that it’s time to change all this even of it’s going to be very hard. So she started to look on the internet for a program to help her lose some weight but none of the things she tried had a very good result.

The first time she read about the 3 days military diet she was very skeptical but after she tried all those things she thought of giving a try. She also thought that the food on the military diet wasn’t that expensive like those other diets so if it wasn’t going to work there wasn’t much that she could lose.

Military diet weight loss

She still couldn’t believe how all those foods were going to make her lose weight but she started her first day of the diet. It was hard for her because she couldn’t take any snacks between meals like she would ordinary do but she decided to stick to the plan. The other thing that was very hard for her on giving up was the diet coke but because it was for only 3 days it wasn’t that bad.

After the end of the diet she felt very good and when she looked at the scale she was surprised to see that she lost 5 pounds. This wasn’t an immense success like losing 10 pounds but this result was the best after all those other diets she tried.

She was very happy with this result so she started eating more healthy food and she tried again the military diet. After that she kept on doing exercise and she totally gave up on the bad habits she had before and now she is very happy to say that she lost 13 pounds. For more information on what kinds of exercise to do in the military diet, see our article on this important topic.

Because she had such amazing results she is encouraging everyone who wants to lose some weight without making very much effort and without spending too much money, to try this 3 days military diet and to stay healthy.

Success Story number 5

Naya is a mother of 3 beautiful children but she started gaining weight after her first birth and it just kept on going up as she was going through her second and third birth. By the last one, she had around 230 pounds.

Even though it was difficult to see herself in the mirror it was very hard for her to give up on the bad habits. Naya started eating a lot whenever she felt upset or depressed and there were a lot of snacks in between meals too.

Get lean diet

She started thinking of those days when she had a good shape and the thought that she wasn’t looking good enough for her husband made her decide that it was time to lose some weight. She started browsing diets and she discovered the military diet. At first she thought this was going to be easy she was very skeptical about the results because she didn’t know how this combination of food will work.

After the 3 days, the scale showed that she lost 10 pounds. She was very happy so she tried it again the next week and another 10 pounds were off. Naya couldn’t be happier so she started eating more healthy food and completely quit the snacks, started doing exercise and drinking more water. She also said that she wants to try the diet again and she is hoping that the results will be the same or even better.

Success Story number 6

The last story on our list comes from Cathy. She is a stage actress and by that she knows that she has to be in a very good shape for all her rolls.  This is extremely important when she gets a role where she has to play as a teenage girl because you have to be mind and body in that role.

As an actress you meet with a lot of stress and stress leads to binge eating. Of course, when you’re stressed you favor fast-food, sweets, soda and more of this sort. However, it’s ok if these foods come in a very small amount especially if you’re doing some exercise but that never happens, right?

She thought the same thing. That all the exercise will burn all the bad stuff she ate but that was completely wrong especially when she was too tired to make any kind of exercise… except for eating.

She wanted to do something about it so she asked her work colleagues and they told her about the 3 days military diet. At first she thought that they were just making fun of her: I mean who ice cream during a diet?

Success story

She did give it a try however, and she managed to lose 6 pounds. Still, the diet was difficult for her as it made her sad she couldn’t eat her favorite foods. The sadness melt away once she saw the results. To maintain the new weight she started eating healthier and she also recommends this amazing diet to everyone out there who wants to make their fat disappear.

A few final words

Well, there you have it! The stories of 6 people who successfully tried the 3 days military diet. I know that you may be skeptical about its results but so were they at first. The results won’t come by themselves so if you want to try this diet then do so; there is nothing to lose, except fat.

These people are the perfect example for what was mentioned in the beginning of this article. The diet gives different results to different people based on their metabolisms and the amount of fat in their system. However, if you don’t give up, the results will come and will stay.

What I love about this diet is the fact that you can eat ice cream and that fills like a reward for all the work you do. Also, the diet teaches you how to portion your food throughout the day so you don’t eat too much.

If you’ve already tried the military diet feel free to share your stories with us and if you want to try it now please let us know how it worked.

About the author
Angie Moore
Angie Moore

Angie brings a mix of knowledge and experience in diet creation and fitness best practices. With Kansas State University‘s bachelor’s degree in dietetics and over 7 years of experience working with thousands of clients to better their life, Angie is passionate about your health and well-being. She is also a well-known foodie, having published a few books about diets that work. For most of the time, you can find her in the gym working out with friends and clients, pushing them for top results and fulfilled life.

  • Helen White

    I can relate with Mary’s experience about how having ice cream helps me feel that I am not depriving myself, so there is not much thought on wanting to cheat on this 3-day diet. I also eat my ice cream slowly to make me think I am eating more. Although, I still make a mistake sometimes of thinking substituting low fat foods like frozen yogurt for ice cream is good, when in fact low fat yogurts can contain more sugar than ice cream and make you crave more.

  • Karen Thompson

    I have bad knees so like Mary, running or working out hard is not an option for me to amp up my weight loss. I will need to really depend more on the diet part. This is why aside from this diet, I am also looking for ways to replace my stress-eating and snacking in front of the tv with something healthier or just not food-related.

    I do know I want to lose weight, but another issue is I have no big motivation where there is an urgent deadline like a wedding. However, I do hate running out of breath for doing some moderate activity and yes, I am also looking forward to reducing my knee pain. So I guess being more pain-free is my motivation to try this diet and hopefully I would also enjoy some success with this diet like these women.

  • Shirley Carter

    The reason I want to do this diet is to get rid of my post-pregnancy jelly belly like Renee. I just want to to feel the clothes fitting my body in a proper way. Some of my friends even think I am pregnant again. I want to try this diet because I can’t workout as much these days because I’ve been feeling tired, exhausted, … did I mention tired and exhausted!?! I have also been stressing lately about my belly but I don’t want to do a hard core workout for now.

  • Pamela Cox

    It’s interesting to know that the 3-day military diet can be used to break weight loss plateaus especially for those who have a lot of weight to lose like in Becca’s case. I think modifying my diet instead of increasing the intensity of my workouts would be easier for me too. But since the body adapts, I would also need to get out of my comfort zone and double up my exercise efforts some weeks.

  • Ralph Morales

    Hi Angie. How come there are no military diet success stories or reviews from men? Is this diet only widely successful with women? I was wondering what is the average weight loss for men with this 3-day military diet. In one week can the diet significantly flatten my beer belly? I am also considering doing this 3-day diet before I get a gym membership. I want to make sure I can stick to a one-week diet before committing to a 30-day gym membership.

  • Bill Perkins

    Like Lisa I would use the 3-day military diet to help me break out of bad eating habits such as constant snacking and drinking diet soda like water. I have known a long time how not drinking diet soft drinks is good for you, but I just can’t stop drinking it everyday. Since I can’t quit it permanently, at least some days each year, my body won’t process that soda.

  • Valerie Dunn

    Naya’s results are insane! She must have a great metabolism. She lost 10 pounds in one week, then another 10 pounds in her second round of 3-day military diet. What would help increase your chances of losing 10 pounds or more a week? Is it just completely avoiding snacking and calorie restriction? Does age have something to do with it?

  • Samantha Payne

    Cathy already started out thin and she was already exercising, though her abs weren’t tight or defined. It’s really just using the 3-day military diet as it is intended, to help you drop the extra couple of pounds in a week. This diet is NOT something you do all year round, but you do it occasionally to drop some pounds fast, or to challenge your body to overcome a fitness plateau.

  • Annette Olson

    Reality is you can’t lose weight only by exercising or doing mostly exercise. You need to cut down on what you eat. The military diet is a simple plan on how to achieve that calorie deficit without tedious cooking, complicated food prep, or buying expensive food. If you want to achieve fat loss, you need to be able to handle calorie deficit/calorie restriction and not just try to burn calories by over-exercising.

  • Ella Milton

    In the past I have tried so many workouts: aerobics, spinning, taebo, p90x without cutting down on my diet.
    I would do well at the start but then I would feel burnt out with exercising too much and then quit. My problem was my refusal to diet or significantly cut down on what I eat.This time I know that calorie restriction or deficit is more important to weight loss than exercise. This is why I don’t complain so much about feeling hungry with this diet. The feeling of hunger does go away, especially when my mind is occupied with work. So now I exercise moderately and eat less. I don’t injure myself and I don’t get fatigued with exercise.

  • Angie Moore

    That’s true Helen. If you must eat yogurt, go for the regular kind since it contains the good fat. Greek yogurt is excellent, so try that, too! Stay away from flavored yogurts – they won’t do your diet any good. Most are laden with artificial flavorings and sugar.

  • Angie Moore

    The military diet can help you lose weight without exercise, that’s a given. Althought here are a lot of exercises that won’t aggravate your knee pain, Karen. One of them is water aerobics – a must try! The buoyancy of the water makes it less stressful for the joints while giving you the workout you need.
    I also discovered that dancing is less stressful for the knees than brisk walking or running. So, is strenght training by lifting lighter weights.

  • Angie Moore

    I understand your predicament Shirley! The military diet will help you achieve your weight loss goals in no time. It takes commitment and a set of goals to really start making changes – whether physically or mentally. Follow the diet regimen and do light exercises to begin.

  • Angie Moore

    That’s right Pamela. I guess the right combination of food, portion control and calorie restrictions do work. Add intermittent fasting to the equation and you’ll be losing the excess weight in no time. Also varying your exercise routine and intensity works.

  • Angie Moore

    Hi Ralph and thanks for that observation. I have some male friends who tried the diet and was successful in losing weight. The problem as I can see it is that men are more inclined to share their weight loss stories as a result of body building routines and stuff.
    About your beer belly though, the right combination of food and exercise will help reduce it. But, there must be some lifestyle modifications involved since alcohol is a high calorie beverage, if you know what I mean.
    Most people, including myself used the military diet to jumpstart my weight loss journey. Once the weight starts falling off, you’ll have more energy. Cycling the diet and incorporating more intense workouts in between days will give excellent results.

  • Angie Moore

    Hi Bill! Thanks for being honest about your love for soda. I was once like you – I love and live for soda. Then one day, I decided to just stop cold turkey. Boy, I was so glad that I made that choice. I can’t say enough how it cured my acidity and other weight problems associated with drinking it. I hope that when you cycle the military diet, something will just click inside which will make you decide to stop drinking cola for good.
    I’m rooting for you….as I’ve always said “no pain, no gain!”

  • Angie Moore

    Hi Valerie! It’s a combination of a lot of factors including: metabolism, how much fat needs to be burned, age, gender and yes, genes! Don’t lose heart, by the way – I’ve been on the heavy side, too. What worked for me is my persistence and my optimism that the military diet does work. And it does!
    By the way, in a popular study, experts found out that the body loses more when dieting than exercising…BUT, a combination of the two will make weight loss FASTER!

  • Angie Moore

    That’s right Samantha! It can be cycled according to how many pounds you still have to lose. In my case, I jumpstarted my weight loss journey using the military diet. I really jumped right in the routine of eating low carb meals, practicing portion control and calorie counting.
    After I lost some weight and gained a lot of energy – I started being serious in my exercise routine. The military diet gives you the right push to start being healthy. The rest will be up to you.

  • Angie Moore

    That’s right Annette! It’s a combination of calorie counting, portion control and drinking lots of water to hydrate. Light exercises can be done during the diet phase itself. If you decide to cycle the diet by resting for 4 days before beginning another round of the military diet, those in between days are crucial. You can opt to do more exercises (like HIIT workouts) during those days and continue to watch what you eat.

  • Angie Moore

    Hi Ella! Calorie restrictions and portion control is very important in losing weight – not just exercise. Some people I know think that eating fruit is ok in any amounts – and that’s just crazy! Fruits have calories, too so we must take that into consideration. Watching what we eat will create the calorie deficit we need to lose weight. Does exercise count? Of course. The right combination of diet and exercise will make you lose weight for good.