Can You Take Yogurt During The Military Diet? Which One Is The Best?

Yogurt in military diet
Angie Moore
Written by Angie Moore

Like most foods, yogurt started out as a nutritious food that is low on calorie content meant fill the void on any diet. But that was before. Nowadays, flavored variants have been introduced to the market and not all of their ingredients are natural. Some of these so-called healthy snacks are loaded with artificial sweeteners that in effect destroy whatever is good in yogurt leaving you with nothing but a creamy and sweet syrup with nothing organic in it.

Low fat vs. full fat

Low-fat yogurt is now considered a rather filling, healthy snack while full fat yogurt has become a rarity.

Low fat yogurt

The sad part is that most of the low-fat yogurts available are not really safe with their non-organic components and high sugar content. For one thing, artificial sweeteners contain sucrose and this kills the good bacteria both in the yogurt pack and in your stomach. For information on diet sweeteners allowed in the military diet, see our article on this topic.

Full fat yogurt

On the other hand, full fat yogurt is less chemical and a healthier choice. Still, many are afraid of the fat content and prefer to go with the low fat version even though this means consuming a cocktail of chemicals.

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According to recent studies, healthy fats are good for our diet and the Military regimen is based on this. The yogurt, being a natural fatty food, makes a nice substitute for the vanilla ice cream or milk on the Military Diet meal plan. Look for full fat yogurt in groceries and if this is not available, try looking for brands that have live and active culture in their labels. Check the probiotic counts as well, the higher the percentage, the better.


If a full-fat yogurt is not available, Greek yogurt can be used as an alternative. Greek yogurt has no sugar and can take a little getting used to.

Greek yogurt with stevia

To add some taste to it, add some stevia in the mix and enjoy a fatty, sweet dessert with absolutely no guilt. This Greek yogurt-stevia mixture is a lot better for your diet plan than any low-fat yogurt on the market. You will feel satisfied quicker and you’ll manage to keep any cravings under control.

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Angie Moore
Angie Moore

Angie brings a mix of knowledge and experience in diet creation and fitness best practices. With Kansas State University‘s bachelor’s degree in dietetics and over 7 years of experience working with thousands of clients to better their life, Angie is passionate about your health and well-being. She is also a well-known foodie, having published a few books about diets that work. For most of the time, you can find her in the gym working out with friends and clients, pushing them for top results and fulfilled life.

  • Mary Ong

    This article is very informative. Greek yogurt is a lot better than low fat ones and tastier than full yogurts. However, you can make your own yogurt. All you need is milk and a starter culture. That way, you’re sure that what you’re getting is simple yogurt, and not a mixture of HFCS/Sugar and is made from real milk and not powdered milk.

    • There’s a lot of good recipes around for homemade Greek yogurt. They’re also easy to make yourself.

  • Albert Dorell

    There are several studies that people eating at least three servings yogurt burn more calories than those without. Just be careful on the yogurt you buy. Check the ingredients, some of it are loaded with sugar.

    • Read the label at all times to make sure you’re getting good nutrition. It’s true, some yogurt brands are laden with too much sugar.

  • Chynna Lambert

    Yes, Albert. Greek yogurt is healthy as long as there isn’t added sugar or corn syrup in the ingredients. Anyway, the sugar content of it varies from brand to brand, so just shop around and look for the plain one. If you can’t take the taste of it, you may add some lemon juice. 🙂

    • Greek yogurt is usually creamy and tangy. It’s benefits are many – it has half the carbs, half the sodium and twice as much protein as the regular yogurt variety.

    • Homemade Greek yogurt is easy to prepare yourself. There’s a lot of good recipes around. :o)

  • Mark Davis

    Yogurt is fairly high in protein and since it is basically milk, it’s a good source of fat and other nutrients.

  • Hi Mark! Have you tried Greek yogurt? It’s a healthier option than other yogurt in the market. Be sure to read the nutritional label to see what you’re getting. Not all yogurts are created equal. Stay clear of those with high amounts of sugar and flavoring.
    If you want to replace the vanilla ice cream that’s included in the meal plan, then Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute.

  • Sophie Lewis

    I also thought low-fat yogurts are better when on a diet. Thanks for this post though, will switch now to full fat version since it has less chemicals and shows to be a healthier choice.

  • There’s a misconception about “fats”. There are good and bad fats and the military diet loves good and healthy fat. Sadly, high carb, low fat have been the norm today. These are often laden by sugar and other artificial ingredients. Choosing the right dietary fat is important for our health.
    Greek yogurt is also an excellent alternative if you can’t find the full fat version of the yogurt.